Contact: Chris Baker 6th Dan - 07804 732 662

General Information

New joiners, be they complete beginners or experienced martial artists are always very welcome to the classes, which we feel provide a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment in which to practice Karate. All new students will be offered a scheme of free lessons, normally done on a one to one basis. The information below is based on some commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact Chris Baker 6th Dan on 07804 732 662 or email here if you have any further questions.

Clothing and Equipment

Initially, any loose fitting garments such as track suits are suitable. It is recommended after one month to purchase a Gi or training suit, these can be purchased through the club instructor.

Training fees

We aim to keep the overall cost of training as low as possible to ensure practice is accessible to all. There is no minimum sign up period or tie-in of any description. The lesson fees are simply £4 per lesson with discounts available for more than one student from the same family.

Association Membership

After one month of training, students will be able to decide if Karate is for them, if so then the student is expected to purchase a Ken Yu Kai licence of which becomes the students passport for their journey through Karate as all of the grading results and references of courses attended are logged within it. The Ken Yu Kai licence is also compulsory for Insurance purposes.

Grading and Progression

A progressive grade framework is used to provide students with a defined series of goals to aim for. Students will advance through these grades in their own time in accordance with the requirements of a challenging and well structured syllabus.

Participation in the grading scheme is by no means compulsory although most students find it to be a valuable tool in setting objectives and quantifying improvements.

There is also the opportunity to take part in competitions, and depending on level a student could represent themselves, the club, the association or the national squad. Participation in competitions is completely optional.